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New carpet is one of the most affordable floor coverings that a home or office can have. At Floor Coverings Direct, we buy carpeting by “truckload price,” which is lower than “special order cut price.” and even lower than roll prices. This enables us to sell our customers new carpet at a much lower rate than other flooring companies are able to do.


At Floor Coverings Direct we strive to make our clients homes as comfortable as possible. We can help you create the ideal ambiance in your home by offering a wide range of styles and textures to choose from. We work with you in choosing your new carpet because it will determine the feel your room will have, as well as the comfort that will be achieved from the feel of your new carpet. Since we purchase our carpeting at low prices and can in turn sell that at extremely competitive prices, this makes Floor Coverings Direct your ideal choice for new carpet purchases.


Our low prices extend to the entire range of carpeting that we offer for our clients to select from. Our carpet gives a trendy appearance for your floors and can improve the aesthetic value of your home. We will come to you with a variety of new carpet samples so you can choose the one that best fits your personal taste and preference. Floor Coverings Direct is the best place to shop for your new carpet and we will do what we can to ensure that you get the product you need at the best possible price. 

Advantages to New Carpet

For exceptional comfort and affordable cost, carpeting is a clear choice. New carpet provides you with quality flooring that will give your home a cozy touch that you simply can’t achieve with other flooring options. Here some specific advantages you’ll find when you choose to install new carpet:

Comfort – Carpet offers a soft, comfortable feel that everyone can enjoy.


Variety – Carpeting offers an incredible selection of colors and styles! With so many options available, it would be hard to find a choice that won’t work for your space.


Quiet – Pefect for bedrooms and living areas, carpet can quiet the sound of thumping feet that you get with hard surface floors.


Affordable Cost – Compared to other flooring materials, the cost of carpet can be considerably less, making it an excellent and affordable choice.

For our clients that are on a budget but still desire comfort and coziness, carpet is definitely a top option!
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